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Ice Flakers

We manufacture a line of ice flaker. Our flaker feature unexcelled quality, reliability, and long life. These models are durable, energy efficient and provide a high degree of flexibility to a wide diversity of applications. Flake ice is small hard bits of ice which are very simple to store, handle and dose. It forms completely around the contact item and cools quickly. Due to its slow-melting quality flake ice is ideal for both the presentation and preservation of perishable food items. Flake Ice is perfect for food display, blended cocktails, salad bars and therapeutic uses in health care facilities.

Our Products

Ice flaker LTIF-25

We hold great reputation in the market of flake ice makers. We put forward Ice flaker LTIF series wh

Ice flaking machine LTIF-50

We know our customer's needs and hence manufacture highly efficient flake ice makers which consume l

Flake ice machine LTIF-100

We takes pride in introducing Ice maker LTIF series which are high quality compact flake ice makers

Ice flaker machine LTIF-150

We manufacture wide range of supreme quality flake ice makers with highly efficient CFC free compres

Flake ice maker LTIF-200

The LTIF series is known for its perfect shape, purity, and slower melt rate. The rugged constructio