Ice Makers For Sale India | Modular Ice Maker

We manufacture a complete range of ice makers to meet all possible needs, whether it’s residential or commercial. We provide you with pure, clean and best tasting ice which is free from any contamination and potentially harmful microbes. We strive to exceed customer’s expectations, thus, we are engaged in offering different types of ice. Flakes and cubes are some of the options you can choose from.

The portable ice makers are perfect for small-scale industries such as your home, office or small business. Commercial ice makers are ideal for large-scale industries such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and bars. These machines are manufactured using high class components and cutting edge technology which is at par with international standards.

Flake Ice Maker

Flake ice takes less time to form as compared to any other form of ice. These ice flakes are very easy to transport, and can be stored in containers of any shape. Hence, they are widely used in pharmaceuticals industries, research laboratories, healthcare facilities, colleges and institutions.

Cube Ice Maker

We manufacture a wide range of cube ice makers with various capacities. Ice cube takes longer time to melt owing to its large surface area. These are widely used in food and beverage industry – including restaurants, bars etc, and other domestic purposes.